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About Us

In the fall of 1976, Lakeview Elementary opened its doors to children living in the rural country area south of Bloomington. Lakeview students came from four small schools around the lake: Harrodsburg, Smithville, Kirksville, and Sanders. Lakeview's 63 acres, close to Lake Monroe, has a stream, farmland, nature trail, and even a waterfall that lend to many outdoor education opportunities. Lakeview Elementary is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere where all members of the school community, including almost 500 students, families, teachers, staff, community members, and neighbors are viewed as part of the Lakeview family. The Lakeview team’s mixture of teachers with many years of experience, teachers who are early in their career, teachers new to Bloomington, and teachers who were once a Lakeview Lion themselves, creates a very energetic and positive team that is focused on the learning and success of our students.